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Unleash Your Art & Connect with Us! New Website & Social Media Presence


Following our member email on 26th March, we are absolutely delighted to be able to tell you that our new LSA website is now LIVE!

We hope you agree that the new site is a much more effective way of supporting our members and is built to drive new visitors to our galleries, which will in turn benefit everyone.

Please do have a good look around at the exciting changes we have made to the public areas of the website. And, if you see your profile listed in the artist’s area, then your membership is up to date and your profile was populated on the old website.

You don’t need to do anything unless you want to log in and update your profile.

As we mentioned before, member profiles are only visible to the public if they are populated with the basic information of your name, an avatar or one piece of artwork and an email address.

If you no longer appear in the artist’s area on the public part of the website, there could be one of two reasons for this:

  • Your public profile is incomplete. You will be able to log in, view the member only pages on the site and you still retain all membership benefits. However, you will not be listed publicly, and will only be so when you have completed the basics of the public profile listed above.


  • Your membership has lapsed. This will show in your details when you try to log in, in which case, you will need to renew. The process is simple and straightforward and can be done from the log in page.

We are aware that there was some issues with the membership database on our old website so if you think your membership status may be incorrect, please contact us via the form here

Last week a few LSA members were involved in testing the new site and this is what they had to say….

  • ‘’ I think the new website looks really rich; the welcome page looks inviting, interesting and warm’’.
  • ‘’It’s much more user friendly for both artists and members of the public. I now want to explore it further. It’s good that we have the background and mission on there.”
  • ‘’The new website looks fantastic. I can appreciate all the hard work in it’s creation’’.
  •  “I love the focus on both artists and visitors. It inspires exploration!”

We have worked hard to smooth out any niggles in the testing. However, as with anything new, there could be a few bumps along the way! If you find you have any issues with the site or your profile, please contact us via the form here in the first instance. .

Please note that it may take up to 48 hours to get back to you– as you can imagine we will be working on ironing out everything out as fast as we can!

Whilst the website is now live, it will continue to be enhanced over the coming months as we add functionality. So watch this space!

Below are some quick ‘how to’ guides should you need any immediate support:

How to login
How to update your profile
How to reset your password
How to see your membership details
How to reactivate an expired membership
Image guidelines & how to name your images
Allowing web visitors to email you
Minimum requirements for profile visibility

We can also confirm that there will be drop-in sessions in the Art Room for anyone who needs help updating their profile or membership. Please watch for the dates to be announced and book in for some support if you need anything additional to the ‘how to’ guides.

LASTLY! Those of you following the Art Room on social media will notice that we are closing its Instagram and Facebook accounts in the next 24 hours. Going forward, the website and the LSA social media accounts will be the places to find out everything to do with LSA, including the Art Room. We hope this will mean our communications are simpler and more streamlined. 

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