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The Art Room

The Art Room

Since October 2022, the LSA Art Room Gallery has become a vibrant second home for art lovers in the heart of Leamington Spa.

Just step off Regent Street and discover this welcoming art haven by the Royal Priors. The Art Room is a spacious, airy atmosphere that invites you to explore and engage with art in a relaxed setting.

Each month, we have a new themed exhibition that brings together a curated selection of works from talented local artists, offering a fresh perspective on the local art scene. 

We also feature a new resident artist each month, providing you with a unique opportunity to witness the development of their work throughout their residency, allowing you to observe their techniques and gain insights into their artistic journeys as well as a unique glimpse into their creative process. 

If you are a member and want to become a resident artist please contact the Art Room Manager or visit the Art Room.

Jacqui Smithson Artist in Residence

LSA Art Room, Satchwell Court – Jacqui Smithson Artist in residence.

Art Room Events

Warwickshire Open Studios
Art Room Exhibition, LSA Exhibition, Partner Exhibition

Warwickshire Open Studios 24 Summer Show

Time: Monday, 03/06/202403/06/2024 - 10:00 am - 29/06/2024 - 5:00 pm / Art Room
The LSA is very pleased to be hosting the Warwickshire Open Studios 24 Summer Show in the Art Room which will be a fantastic celebration of work created by their 2024 artists. It is open to all their 2024 registered artists and in particular those taking part in WOS24 Summer Art Weeks. The show will […]
Art Room Exhibition, LSA Exhibition

Falmouth MA Fine Art Students

Time: Saturday, 29/06/202429/06/2024 - 7:52 pm - 07/07/2024 - 4:00 pm / The Art Room
Falmouth MA final year student’s exhibition – this exhibition consists of approximately 12 final year MA Fine Art students who are studying with Falmouth University. Maddie Webb our gallery manager and artist in residence is one of them. The artists will be showcasing a diverse range of works; painting, print making, photography, sculpture, installation & […]

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