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Summer Outings!

Walking in today I saw the swans on the canal as I walked down the slope to the towpath by Tesco and wondered where the cygnets were. As I rounded the bend there they were all huddled together on the towpath on the edge of the canal. Difficult to count how many there were as they were so much bigger than before and just a huge fluffy ball of grey feathers . I took my phone out to take a photograph when the adult swan saw me and was not happy! He came at me and I shielded myself from his strong beak as he pecked hard at my bag! I got the message, so you will have to take my word that the cygnets have grown so much, still cute though. I managed to walk past the swan with a little determination and bravado using my bag to fend off the beak!

Continuing on my way looking for a photo opportunity I slipped into the path from the canal by the field of sheep to reach the Riverside Walk, still nothing of interest today. Except I could hear a murmur of voices getting louder and louder, but no evidence of where they were coming from. Eventually as the sound increased it was clear the noise was advancing from the bridge over the railway from Leam Road. The people whose voices they belonged too were still not visible as it turned out to be young people hidden by the tall grass and bushes and they suddenly popped out through the gate en masse. I joined their crocodile as they walked down the path towards Princes Drive. They were cheerful and happy, chatting animatedly to each other and very respectful of me and others on the path, although a couple of runners did become separated. Speaking to a couple of the young guys I learned they were from Myton School and were going to Edmondscote Sports track for their Sports Day. They were competing in the shot-put and relay racing. I hope they enjoyed their day!

In Jephson Gardens I came across another school trip. This time primary school children who were all walking beautifully together clutching a banana and a bottle of water each! I wanted to join their happy outing and, feeling hungry, definitely wished I had a banana too.

East Lodge looked lovely in the morning sunshine, and the whole gallery was lit by strong clear light. The art displayed looks so wonderful with such a vibrancy of colour I feel lucky to be part of the LSA. I try to convey how interesting it is here with my Lodge Log and how the mix of people who visit and exhibit is exciting. I like to share my work here, my walk in and the things I write about are my opinion and any facts are correct at time of press. I would like you to comment on this blog, but you do need to go to the website page to find the comments box. So if you feel moved to share or have any ideas and queries to offer please do.

Next week is the start of Warwickshire Open Studios and we have our monthly coffee morning on Wednesday 21st June at 10.30am. Please come and support these events, share experiences and ideas and meet new people.

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  • Helen Cunliffe


    I feel I would like to answer your, for me lovely , interesting blogs you manage EVERY Wednesday. I do remember vividly my grandfather many years ago telling me all about how he had witnessed a swan break a man’s arm because he was doing the same as you were!!! Thank goodness you were SO lucky. Keep up your good work, and I look forward to next Wed/Thurs blog.
    Take Care

  • Karen

    Thank you Helen for your comments. Yes swans can be very dangerous, they are very protective of their young. Looking forward to this Wednesday now that Warwickshire Open Studios has started.

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