Submit to our next exhibition… On the theme of “LOVE”

Our next exhibition has a loose theme of “LOVE”. Please don’t feel restricted by this theme though, it’s simply to create some cohesion for the exhibition.

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1. You are permitted to submit one piece of work only. This piece must not have been shown in the LSA Art Room before.

2. All work must be an original, with the exception of digital artworks and photography. Prints of paintings/drawings are not accepted.

3. The submission window will close on Wednesday 1st February at 8pm.

4. Acceptance / rejection emails will be sent by the end of Friday 3rd February.

5. Work must be dropped off and old work collected on Sunday 5th February between 11am – 4pm.

6. Any work not dropped off by the end of Sunday 5th February may not be hung due to lack of space, so please ensure your work is with us on time.

7. All work must be ready to hang / display and any wall based work must be fitted with D rings and cord. No mirrorplates, please.

8. 20% commission rate will apply to all artworks sold from the exhibition. You will be permitted to replace any sold artworks with another piece, provided it is no bigger than the one it’s replacing.

PLEASE NOTE After reviewing our finances and in order to allow us to continue at the Art Room we have had to increase the commission to 20% .This submission window also requires a £10 hanging fee, which is payable upon your work being accepted. We have decided to do this in order to hopefully keep the Art Room going beyond its current pop up status and will go towards paying bills on the building.

This exhibition will run for approximately four weeks, with a proposed changeover date of 5th March.

You must be an LSA Member to submit. You can join for just £25/year on the main LSA website

Good luck and we can’t wait to see your work!

Look out for a reply from once we have chosen the pieces for the exhibition. We reply to everyone, successful or not, so you should always hear from us. If you don’t, please check your spam then get in touch if you haven’t heard by the end of 3rd February 2023. If you have any problems or questions, email us on

We can’t wait to see your submissions and hang our new exhibition.

Maddie & Cassie
The LSA Art Room Team

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About Lucy Burton

I paint regularly 'alla prima' in oil paint, always aiming to produce a piece of art that is full of character and colour: be it a landscape, portrait or still life. A good composition and the freedom to experiment with colour and interesting brush marks is what inspires me most. I enjoy teaching others and run regular oil painting workshops. I've exhibited in 'Warwickshire Open Studios' , Leamington 'Artfest' and taken part in 'Landscape Artist of the Year' as a wildcard artist.