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The last couple of days choosing what to wear has been a problem, I’ve spent one day freezing and another boiled alive! Today deciding on winter jacket or new Mac I could hear my mother claiming “Don’t cast a clout ’till May is out!”. It got me thinking as I chose my Mac and crossed my fingers for sunshine on my walk to East Lodge. What exactly does this saying mean? It is a perpetual problem at this time of year which my family discuss, agree and disagree every May. “Don’t cast a clout” that’s easy “clout” being old-English for clothes, don’t remove any layers of clothing, however “before May is out” is the tricky bit. Some contest that this means before the month of May starts, some claim it is before the month of May is finished and over, but some suggest it could be when the May is out or flowering in the hedgerows! I believe it is another way of enjoying discussing the endless British preoccupation with the weather! The May is out!

May Blossom on Riverside Walk

What a treat when I arrived at East Lodge to see the new exhibition by Sonia Bublaitis and Olga Rudenko. Sonia’s confident explosion of colour is fabulous. Using mixed-media and a variety of surfaces such as mirrors, perspex and glass her work is a joy to see. 

Sonia Bublaitis

The second room in East Lodge has Olga Rudenko’s work on display, a real contrast to her daughter Sonia’s work and the family love of expression through art is shown in the breadth of work on show. I particularly admire Olga’s treatment of water in her pictures, and her variety of different techniques illustrate her craft. Crashing Atlantic waves at Lands End and tranquil nightime views of Venice conjure another time and place. Sonia and Olga’s show is on until 28th May and the Private View is on Sunday 7th May 2-4pm to which all are welcome to enjoy a glass of wine and nibbles whilst enjoying the art on display.

Olga Rudenko

Gabrielle Rucinski’s pottery class today.

Today Gabrielle Rucinski held a pottery class in East Lodge and this is the work so far. Today they were adding colour and decoration to the bisque fired pots they made last time. These will now be vitrified at 1245 degrees. watch this space for the finished pieces!

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  • 05/05/2017

    Lovely Blog as always Karen! May is such a beautiful month. Thank you so much for blogging about our joint exhibition. We are both looking forward to seeing you at the Private View on Sunday xx

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