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Response to “The Waste Land”

“And the dead tree gives no shelter” Mixed Media

Celebrating the winner of the LSA Response to “The Waste Land” Don Mason.  Chosen by Prof Mike Tooby from the research project Journeys with “The Waste Land”.  His decision was echoed in the People’s Choice and Don received both awards for his work.  Mike explained his decision by saying

“The Waste Land” is a poem that famously sets an agenda for understanding the medium as well as the imagery.  The way the poem is constructed is part of the meaning and I was really impressed by how the artist had thought this through by making a painting within a painting, echoing the way the poem quotes itself, and is framed and then re-framed.”  Mike commented on the way Don had “included the tools in the glass phials in the work” making it a “rich response to the poem”.

“Fragments” Ceramic mounted and framed.

Mike Tooby particularly wanted to highlight Avril Leigh’s work and awarded a Highly Commended Certificate for “Fragments”.  Mike’s comments were:

“I really love that little quiet piece.  It is easy to be tempted to respond to the poem with complex ideas, and that simplicity I really loved.”

My personal thanks to everyone who took up the challenge and turned an idea in my head into a wonderful exhibition that we could all be proud of.

We concluded the exhibition, and indeed the whole Journeys with “The Waste Land” project, with HURRY UP PLEASE ITS TIME! a party, quiz, music and poetry at Episode Hotel


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