Walking in today it was a little windy and the falling leaves were swirling around as I descended the ramp to the towpath. The canal boats moored near Tesco were lined up and I was struck by the bags of coal stacked on the roof of one of them, and I was transported back to waiting for the coal delivery at home when I was a child. I was always impressed by the men, covered head to toe in coal dust, running down our drive with a sack of coal on their backs. Mum used to say to me “rescue the key Karen!” We always kept a spare door key on the top of the little wall that separated the coal from the coke in the coalhouse! I’m sure we wouldn’t leave the front door key out like this these days! Winter is on its way, but I’ll stick with autumn!

Coal on the barge roof.

 The ivy flowers are amazing today, loads of them throwing out their intoxicating heady scent, with drunken wasps meandering and bumbling along between the blossoms. I tried to photograph them but they were not cooperating! 

Ivy Flowers

The laptop and WiFi are really not up to a weekly blogpost, so I am suspending Lodge Log until the issues are resolved. Fingers crossed!

Bye for now and in the meantime I’ll leave you with a poem…

Lodge Log Fall

Lodge Log

Log jam


Lodge Log Laptop


Broadband narrowed


Lodge Log lost!