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Leamington Christmas Tree Festival at All Saints Church, Leamington Spa

  • A creative fun and social event.  LSA have a Christmas tree at this event which needs to be decorated.  Is there anyone who would like to come forward help and/or be responsible for this?  Members to create Christmas decorations for the tree.  We will need to provide lights.  There will be a prize for the most creative, sparkly and up-cycled tree.
  • The tree will feature in the festival from Saturday 10 December 2022 until Sunday 18 December 2022. The festival is open from 3 pm til 7 pm every day during this period.  We have been allocated Tuesday 6 December from 2 pm until 5 pm to decorate the tree. At the end of the festival the tree will be donated to Helping Hands who will deliver the tree to someone in the community.  .

More Volunteers needed at East Lodge

  • We are still looking for volunteers – either to steward or to take on a role to help at East Lodge.  This does not have to be a large commitment – any support would be gratefully accepted.


  • We would like any art related posters/adverts to display at both East Lodge and the LSA Art Room.  Please could you keep an eye out for anything along these lines and either forward to us or drop in to either venue?  If you could get two copies that would be great as it would be preferable not to have to print something.  If you have workshops that you are holding please give us this information too.  Thank you in advance
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About Lucy Burton

I paint regularly 'alla prima' in oil paint, always aiming to produce a piece of art that is full of character and colour: be it a landscape, portrait or still life. A good composition and the freedom to experiment with colour and interesting brush marks is what inspires me most. I enjoy teaching others and run regular oil painting workshops. I've exhibited in 'Warwickshire Open Studios' , Leamington 'Artfest' and taken part in 'Landscape Artist of the Year' as a wildcard artist.