Autumn Equinox

Hello! So sorry I wasn’t available last week for the coffee morning after all! Lots of people went to East Lodge to see the exhibition and to meet like-minded artists and I am sad to have missed it! I was ill and this also stopped me from writing Lodge Log, but feeling better this week.

Today I was very busy catching up with LSA and East Lodge matters and have only a little time to write something to go out to you all by 6pm tonight when the blog is emailed to all members. In true Radio 4 style I am Guest Editor for the next issue of ArtSpace, so today I was interviewing some of  LSA’s Trustees. Watch out for my article when it drops through your letterbox, so apologies for a short entry today.

I want to share my thoughts as I walked in as usual and today felt like Autumn! The Autumn Equinox was on the 22nd September and the slight mist across the canal, and chill in the air all point to a change in the season. Leaves are beginning to turn and the conkers are falling as I walk through the park. I was taken by the fungi suddenly pushing up through the undergrowth and I want to share the few species I saw. I am not a mycologist and know nothing about fungi, however I am fascinated by the incredible shapes and forms and I am hoping you will agree with me the stunning purple of the ones in Tesco’s conservation area are amazing.

Tesco Toadstools

Sheep field Toadstools


Canalside Toadstools

This Friday 29th September is Michaelmas Day, the time when the nights become longer and darker and colder days begin edging into winter. Michaelmas is associated with the end of the harvest, preparation for the Winter and encouraging protection during the dark months ahead. I always love to see Michaelmas Daisies out and there, standing bold and upright in Jephson Gardens, are the perfect bed of these beautiful purple and pink flowers.

Michaelmas Daisies

By the way! Congratulations to Royal Leamington Spa In Bloom! Gold Award! Well done!