Jenny Chan

Jenny Chan

Jenny Chan is an emerging artist based in Warwick, working in ceramic sculpture. Her work is one-of-a-kind decorative pieces.  She is self-taught and began ceramic sculpture in 2014.

Born in Hong Kong, she grew up between a small island of Nauru and Hong Kong.  Growing up poor and long before the internet and TV, she spent her time making things and exploring.  She always enjoyed art and handicraft hobbies from carving stones to pebble painting. Recently she has found her true passion in clay. It has been a journey of endless experiments trying different hand building techniques. Her work is detailed and delicate.

Her ceramic pieces are made with hand building techniques.  Some pieces are glazed, some painted with acrylic paint, some stained with tea leaves and wood vanish.

An Apple A Day is a series of ceramic apples which Jenny explores a wide range of subjects form global politics, pop culture to merely beautiful.

You can see more of Jenny's work below, and at