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I have been a textile artist for 18 years, teaching and exhibiting at many art galleries, museums and hospitals. I place a great emphasis on our own wellbeing when participating in arts and crafts. My pieces are predominately made from soft wool fibres which when worked with soap and water become a piece of fabric known as handmade felt. This technique is thought to be at least 6,000 years old and is also a heritage craft. Always happy when surrounded by nature this is reflected in my choice of colours and textures in my artworks. I produce contemplative artwork with a nod to the unseen worlds of the imagination. My work attempts to reflect the natural environment and how it can give us a sense of being part of a bigger picture. I often work closely with themes around loss but also the fact that nature uplifts us and cares for us too. I have a BA Hons in Fashion and Textiles, a PGCE and a Masters in Art, Health and Wellbeing and a lot of practical experince. While I make sure I have my own space to create also love working with small groups of people. I take delight in watching them grow and experience a sense of achievement while connecting with an ancient craft. Handmade felt takes time to produce. Each piece is unique. Take time to enjoy what is around you and join the slow revolution.