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    My abstract and colourful work usually employs commercial gloss paints allied to the pigments and medium of aerosol paints, both domestic and automotive. I always work on canvas, usually of a square format. I prefer this format as there exist none of the preconceptions associated with landscape or portrait.
    My styles and subjects are eclectic and exhibit a wide range of influences, preoccupations and methodologies.
    I occasionally switch between the abstract and the figurative. To my surprise the visual and academic strictures remain constant regardless of subject matter.
    My art education? I graduated from Canterbury College of Art in 1972, where teachers included Michael Craig-Martin, Geoff Rigden and Ian Dury. A strange cocktail. In 1998 I was awarded a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Coventry University. I have exhibited in recent years at the University of Warwick, Upton House in Poole, Portico in Severn Oaks, The Beetroot Tree in Derbyshire, and in venues in Leamington Spa, Coventry, Cardiff, Banbury, Hoxton, Varenna, Malvern and Regents Park.
    My paintings are in collections in London, Oxford, Miami, Mexico, Holland, Germany, Portugal and scattered around England.
    Artist infuences include Frank Stella, R B Kitaj, Gerhardt Richter, Richard Smith, Fiona Rae and Howard Hodgkin.
    I suspect that elements of many of these painters will be present in the large and medium-sized colourful red, green, blue, yellow, orange and white atmospheric and subliminal abstract paintings I produce.

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