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    Jaimie is renowned for her captivating abstract oil paintings. Her artistic journey began when she made the life-changing decision to leave her professional corporate career. Searching for artwork to enliven her home with personality and vibrant energy, she stumbled upon a local art class that sparked a deep passion for painting.
    As she delved into the world of art, Jaimie found joy in the creative expression when applying paint to canvas. The medium of oil became her favoured playground, and she felt an instant connection with the palette knife, using it skilfully to create mesmerizing depth, texture, and intricate marks that invited viewers to lose themselves within the artwork.
    ​Jaimie's art became a reflection of her unique style and individuality, and she quickly garnered a reputation for producing enchanting pieces, rich in texture and adorned with bold, vibrant colours. Her passion and dedication have driven her to reach impressive heights as an abstract painter. Her work has earned her representation by Creative Fine Art publishers and their associated galleries, and The Courtyard Fine Art Gallery in Lichfield.
    Jaimie begins each piece with an idea around colours and composition, the painting evolves organically as she immerses herself in the process. Taking inspiration from the vivid colours in nature, emotions evoked by music, and the interplay of light and shadow observed in everyday life. These elements combine in her work, creating captivating and emotionally-charged compositions that resonate deeply with art enthusiasts and collectors alike.
    ​Jaimie values connecting with fellow art enthusiasts and artists. She welcomes discussions about art, creativity, and the emotions her work evokes. To stay updated on her latest creations and special promotions, she encourages art lovers to connect with her through her social media pages or sign up for her email newsletter via her website.

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