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    I am an Irish artist based in the picturesque town of Stratford Upon Avon, where I draw inspiration from the diverse tapestry of nature and the cosmos that surrounds me. My passion lies in crafting large artworks that boldly claim the spaces they inhabit, inviting viewers into a world where colour reigns supreme.

    In each of my creations, I seek to pay homage to the beauty of colour in its purest essence or through a harmonious fusion of complementary shades. From the lush greens of the natural world to the serene blues and pinks of the sky, and the vibrant neons inspired by the depths of space and the cosmos, my work is a vibrant celebration of life's kaleidoscopic palette.

    For inquiries about commissions or to delve deeper into my artistic journey, I invite you to reach out. Your journey into the world of colour awaits.

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