Rupert Cordeaux

Rupert Cordeux

Rupert Cordeux - about the Artist

Rupert Cordeux ARBSA
1984 - 1985 Coventry Lanchester Polytechnic Foundation Art.
1985 - 1988 Wolverhampton Polytechnic School of Art and Design Printmaking Degree with honours.
2000 Overall winner of Channel 4's Watercolour Challenge at Highgrove House.
2001 Turned Professional. I have since earned a living through selling my work in exhibitions, taking commissions and demonstrating to art groups.
Although I have tried various media, including oils, it is to watercolour that I keep returning. As a committed outdoor painter, I find that its versatility and portability are rivalled by no other medium.
I greatly admire artists, past and present who put brilliant draughtsmanship at the heart of their art.
At the moment, I find all my subjects in the country lanes and churches around where I live. I work exclusively on site, finding from bitter experience that working from photographs dulls the senses and kills the painting process.


Crossroads Feeding Time

Autumn Crosswords
14 x 19 in

Feeding Time
14 x 19 in

Silver Teapot Ewe

Silver Teapot
14 x 19 in

Ewe with Two Lambs
Graphite Pencil
14 x 19 in