Louise Morgan

Louise Morgan

johnson bigLouise Morgan is an artist who works predominantly in watercolour and ink, painting miniature landscapes from memory.  The current series of paintings are 2½cm x 2½cm on Somerset paper. She studied at Coventry University as a mature student and has an MA and a BA in Fine Art.

Artists Statement

My work is process lead and the choice of medium and the manipulation of the materials are as important as the subject matter. My work as a whole is about Light, fluidity and changing states with the inspirational sources coming from the natural world. My influences are: Water; and the way light changes it when the water is moving, Stone, Wood and the Landscape and Fractals: the correlation between microscopic images of stones and aerial views of the earth. Water, especially moving water, is my muse, I photograph it constantly: fountains, running taps, the sea, lakes, rivers, streams, drips and torrents. These photographs sometimes become the inspiration for a painting, a drawing, a sculptural piece but more often than not, they are a piece of art in their own right. I often try out new methods of manipulating the material in the spirit of the moment.

I get completely absorbed in what I do and become wholly focused on the material whether it is paint, wood, metal or ink and glue and often my plans fly out of the window and I work in a entirely instinctive way, a pure reaction to the material and a manifestation of self expression allowing the unconscious to manifest itself as reality. The underlying theme of my work is about transformation and change. Alchemy is often linked to the quest to turn base metal into Gold but the true quest of the Alchemist is to investigate transformation; the process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.

“…the goal of Alchemy is to perfect or evolve the substance at hand….. to try to change something that is inferior, imperfect, or unacceptable into something that is better, more perfect and closer to what they desire.”  (Hauck D.W 2008, p3) The allure of the natural world and natural objects, the image and movement, the change between solid to liquid and back again is artistic Alchemy My goal is to try to perfect my art and create something unique.


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