Jane Michelle Adams

Jane Michelle Adams

Jane Michelle Adams is a Lancashire born artist who now lives in Warwickshire. She studied art & design at Nelson & Colne College, Lancashire and went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art Painting & Textiles at Bradford University, West Yorkshire. 

Jane's art involves the exploration of various things that interest her as an artist, particularly nature; plant life, flowers, leaves, butterflies, birds, fruits and vegetables. 

As with all her work she's fascinated by colour and pattern and with nature there is a vast amount of these elements which are valuable to any artist providing a rich source of material as well as textural qualities and colouring. 

Jane experiments with sketches and samples using paints, pastels and fabrics, continuing onto canvas, paper/fabric as her final piece. As her work is mainly concentrating on mark-making colour and texture, she looks at and researches artists who have used nature and still-life as a subject i.e. Impressionist Painters such as Claude Monet, Post-Impressionists Paul Cezanne, Vincent Van Gogh, and Paul Gauguin, who she thinks were important, influentially toward modern art which progressed onto and related Abstraction, as well as artists such as Patrick Heron, Paul Klee, Robert & Sonia Delaunay, Jasper Johns, Wassily Kandinski, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braques. Jane also likes the decorative art works of Gustav Klimt, the fashionably dressed women paintings of Jacques Joseph Tossot, and her favourite art movement is the Pre-Raphaelites. Her favourite artist from this art movement being John William Waterhouse. 

Through studying Fine Art Painting & Textiles Jane finds that she is motivated by two elements - colour and texture. She thinks that it is an important attribute as an artist to respond to the materials used within the work, for example the richness of a colour, textural qualities of a surface, or the way in which something shines. She concentrates on the image produced but also looks at the materials used on the surface. 

Jane works as a freelance artist and is happy to create any commissions.