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    Expressing my passion for nature with truth and consideration, with a hope to share the romance and beauty I see in all natural life and forms.

    The beautifully poetic French word for twilight is ‘l'heure entre chien et loup’, or ‘the hour between the dog and the wolf’. The phrase describes the approaching dark as a time when things move from familiar to wild, or when the failing light means it’s hard to distinguish between a dog and a wolf. These words feed into my passions and describes perfectly how light changes everything, which is why I became a photographer.

    I use natural light as much as possible to capture the honesty, perfect simplicity, ethereal qualities, shapes, patterns and textures of worlds which interconnect with our own. I find there is a romance to monochrome imagery I am constantly drawn to, so my images are predominately in black and white with a warm tone. I then choose only the finest art papers which produce a superb rich velvety texture in the finished Giclee prints.

    I use acid free archival mounts and offer art glass to cut reflections, overall providing longevity and the best possible look and feel to my work.

    I have also worked for celebrated artists whose pieces are included in the Royal Collection, and other work features in the National Portrait Gallery's permanent collection in London. The work is signed and all issued with certificates of authenticity.

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