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    I'm a British artist who currently lives in Warwickshire, England, with my husband and two children. I began my design career when I was awarded a BA Honours degree in Illustration by Wolverhampton University in 2000 before joining Meiklejohn, a top London design agency. I subsequently enjoyed a variety of roles within an ever-changing design world, adding Graphic Design and Visual Communication to my skill set.

    The varied roles throughout my career have allowed me to explore and push my own creative boundaries, it's been an integral part of where I am today. I always knew I would go back to a painting one day and I made that decision in 2020. Although I initially trained in oils it wasn't a very family-friendly material and so I started to experiment with other less harmful mediums. It was on this journey I found the delicate properties of the watercolours against kaolin clay best suited my vision; the soft veils of colour, naturally illuminated by the clay offered an oneiric quality to my work.

    Our world is often so busy, so loud and so intense that we rarely get the opportunity to press the 'pause' button, to calm the mind and enjoy the stillness of our surroundings. My current work offers a moment of respite from this world, to draw you in to the picture and away from the noise. I use a relatively-muted palette limiting my colours to gain more control over the visual effect and use negative space to create breathing room and calmness within the composition. My paintings always incorporate a soft and subtle narrative to encourage the viewer to make their own connections with the painting.

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