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    I am a digital photo artist. My work has evolved as a way of self expression and wanting to create art that says more about who a person is rather than what they look like. My practice is grounded in my meditation practice and synesthesia where I interpret my mental health visually.

    Through my exploration through self portraits, I found how liberating it can be to create art our of myself and saw it as a way of supporting others to have themselves seen as art rather than how they look. There is so much based on looks but we are far more than that, and through my synesthetic vision I like to create portatits that convey personalities more. In the beginning I started to use my self portraits as a way to explorer my emotions and feelings. It really kicked in during the pandemic and took me to different places within myself.

    I offer commissioned portraits. My work is created digitally using photographs and printed on either brushed or standard aluminium.

    When asked how I do it, I usually answer witch craft and an editing software! I always get a laugh but that is really how I see it. I play around with images and colours until I get the result I'm looking for. That moment when everything aligns and gives me the exact feeling I was searching for.

    My authentic way of expressing is unique to me and not something I could teach someone to do. I do however offer a workshop on Self Expressive Mindful Photography, where I guide you to look for new ways of seeing things and finding new perspective.. Please feel free to contact me to find out more..

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