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I love being creative! Photography is my favourite way of expressing. I class myself as a photo artist. My practice is grounded in my meditation practice and synesthesia where I interpret my mental health visually. A lot of my work is self portraits where I explorer my emotions and feelings. It really kicked in during the pandemic and the different places it took me too. I found it really helped me to express myself in this way. When asked how I do it, I usually answer witch craft and an editing software! I always get a laugh but that is really how I see it. I play around with images and colours until I get the result I'm looking for. That moment when everything aligns and gives me the exact feeling I was searching for. My authentic way of expressing is unique to me and not something I could teach someone to do. I do however offer a workshop on Self Expressive Mindful Photography. Please feel free to contact me to find out more.. I currently have a piece of art in Esquires Coffee Leamington and I am being exhibited on 160 screen across London from the 15th June for 1 week. Tickets are available here -