Our Gallery Space


Gallery150 has moved,

and changed.


Gallery150 was the Art Gallery of Leamington Studio Artists, a registered charity based in Leamington Spa. Gallery150 was recently in Livery Street, Leamington Spa,  thanks to the support from Regent Court and New River Retail.

However, Leamington Studio Artists have now established a new headquarters, art studios and gallery in a beautiful location on the banks of the River Leam in Jephson Gardens. The new gallery space is inside East Lodge. It is open most days and exhibition enquiries should be addressed to Morgan Forth, our East Lodge Manager. 

We have opportunities for small or large exhibitions as well as events, parties and seminars. Drop in and see us, and talk to one of our volunteers.


Gallery Logo


You can still view the old Gallery150 website here, but it is only for historical interest and will not be updated anymore.