We will  be running a print fair weekend on Saturday 3rd December and Sunday 4th December, allowing members to sell prints from the Art Room. Prints will be limited to a maximum of 30 individual items per artist. You will have a small table area of approx 1m x 1m or you can choose to supply a print rack, and you will NOT be manning this yourself. Tables will be set up throughout the gallery to display the prints and sales will be taken by the volunteers on duty that weekend.

Participation for this event will cost £5 per artist and will be payable upon delivery of your prints at the Art Room.

– All prints MUST be individually labelled with your name and a price
– Each artist will be expected to set up and clear their own area
– If displaying on a tabletop you MUST provide a way of displaying your prints
– You are permitted to provide a print rack instead of displaying on a table if you prefer
– Please no framed items (we will not have the space to display them)
– Maximum 30 prints to be displayed by each artist (you can restock if you sell, but this will have to be done by the artist themselves)
– Artists are permitted to leave business cards next to their prints
– Please no extra items (other pieces of art, banners, flyers etc.)
– Our current commission rate of 10% will apply

Set up will happen on Friday December 2nd from 5pm to 7pm and Saturday 3rd December from 9am to 10am. You must be able to come and set up your own area in this time to take part, or have someone who will do it for you.

Collection will be on Sunday 4th December from 4pm to 5pm. Any uncollected items will be stored for collection.


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About Lucy Burton

I paint regularly 'alla prima' in oil paint, always aiming to produce a piece of art that is full of character and colour: be it a landscape, portrait or still life. A good composition and the freedom to experiment with colour and interesting brush marks is what inspires me most. I enjoy teaching others and run regular oil painting workshops. I've exhibited in 'Warwickshire Open Studios' , Leamington 'Artfest' and taken part in 'Landscape Artist of the Year' as a wildcard artist.