New Venture!

Journeys with The Waste Land
T S Eliot


Well I would like to invite you all to be a part of an exciting new project with The Mead Gallery and Turner Contemporary in Margate. You may have seen the national press reviews of the exhibition “Journeys with The Waste Land” a community curated show based on the famously enigmatic modernist poem by T S Eliot “The Waste Land”. My involvement is through my work at the Mead and also as a volunteer in the Coventry version of the research and curation team. We have been working on it for a while and are pleased to announce that the exhibition will be at The Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry 15th September – 18th November 2018.

There will be opportunities for you to become further involved with the events that are planned for the duration of the exhibition.  There will be a an Open Show at East Lodge for members to exhibit new work based on the poem, so I urge you to read the poem, and think how you might interpret it in your media.  More details to follow, so watch for the newsletters, Facebook page, and all our social media in the coming weeks.

I am transferring my blog writing to this project, but I would like to share the blog with LSA members and encourage you to follow our progress.

You can find the poem “The Waste Land” by T S Eliot online with many sites such as Poetry Foundation here:

Karen Parker