Last week’s Lodge Log was a little pensive apparently, so I am ruminating on this thought as I walk in. It is very quiet today with only two joggers who nod as they pass me. The canal is full from last night’s downpour, so there is hardly any movement of the water, even in Victoria Park it is quieter than recent weeks as the children are back at school. The stretch of canal and river to Princes Drive is calm and as I approach the weir a wren startles me as she flies across my path, I don’t know which of us was more surprised!

Calm canal

As I approached the bridge over the canal on the way home last week – I retrace my steps from the morning – I came to a stand-off with a young lad and his dog under bridge 45! He was waiting on the towpath under the bridge and, those of you who know me will be aware that I am not really comfortable with dogs. I had to choose whether to pass by the dog and the water, or duck down to pass the other side. I asked him to allow me to pass and it was clear he had not realised how the dimensions and shape of the bridge made my path difficult. Stepping aside the boy called the dog to heel and I carried on my way. Contemplation on the choices we may have available is not always a fork in the road, sometimes it is weighing up options and deciding on the lesser of two evils. It also made me think that we don’t always aware how our actions impact on others.

Beautiful Bridge 45

Less contemplation on life and more anticipation of the new exhibition at East Lodge! The Member’s Exhibition, on until 1st October, is a great mix of very different styles that hang beautifully together. Chris Watts visited with his family to see his work hanging, and Sonia Boublaitis and Olga Rudenko also popped in to admire the show.

Sonia Boublaitis and Olga Rudenko

Please come and support your fellow LSA members and put the 20th September in your diary as the next coffee morning.