Peter Lovelock

Peter Lovelock

My work is an emotional response to the natural world and the elements that create and influence its evolution. 
Trees, plants, organic shapes, landscapes, seascapes and rock strata are a particular inspiration to me. I have always been intrigued by the beliefs and ceremonies of Indigenous peoples and their connection with the earth and the wider universe.

I am a self taught artist who works with a variety of media, pen and ink, gold/silver leaf, pencil, intaglio and photography. When creating an image I draw attention to its detail and highlights its beauty - a celebration of the natural world.

The wilderness, beauty and isolation on the west coast of Scotland had a dramatic impact on me and was the initial impetus for my starting to draw/photograph in an attempt to interpret what I was feeling and seeing, it continues to be a major influence in my work.

As my work evolves, shape and colour are becoming more prominent and supersede the importance of the actual subject. My drawings have always been abstract forms. Some areas of my photography are beginning to take on a similar abstraction. In addition to my nature images I also enjoys searching for shapes in urban and coastal areas, buildings, churches and machinery etc.

I also enjoy capturing and recording people, places and events through the medium of photography. My growing interest in shape and colour, regardless of the source, is clear to see. Please visit my sites at 500px, Deviant Art & Flickr to view this aspect of my work.

My work is always available for viewing at The Gallery @ The Guild. An exhibition space for an exciting cooperative of more than 26 local artists and crafts people. Members include fine artists, ceramicists, contemporary designers, photographers, a cabinet maker, textile artists, printers, sculptors, glass art and a wood turner. 

The Gallery at the Guild
The Old Silk Mill, Sheep Street
Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire GL55 6DS
Tel. 01386 840345