Namita Panchal

Namita Panchal

On the very sunny day, so pleasant was the weather welcoming the Spring,
An effulgent sun behind a huge green tree,
Poplar trees standing in the queue on the rising ground
and the curvaceous hills forming a pleasant view,
Watching a beautiful girl from the conservatory of her lovely house,
pampering her endearing white kitten sitting on a vermilion brick wall,
the lustrous sunlight now changing the colour of the wall,
the change that is not permanent, which will fade away by time,
still it will leave the lasting impression, that won't be changed even by time,
which makes that so permanent, lost in the lustrous sands of time,
A holy tulsi plant on an embellished jardiniere,
bringing the essence of India and a holy aroma reminiscences the past

Namita Panchal

Namita Panchal

I am a professional Artist, Digital Painter and an english Poet from India. Currently pursuing MA Painting in Coventry University, United Kingdom. I have done Bachelors of Visual Arts (Painting) at The Maharaja Sayajirao University at Baroda, India.

The ‘Naturescapes’ is my specialised area where the nature is in terms of Landscapes, changing nature of the landscape and the nature of my ways of seeing it. I have painted numerous beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh, Mumbai, Gujarat in India. The rich art and culture that sings the glory of my country can be seen in those paintings.

After coming to UK, noticed that how season completely changes the colour and form of the landscape. The impact of changing season can be seen everywhere. The English landscapes are majestic and botanical as variety of species of plant and trees are found in the surrounding. It is well designed and maintained. Hence, I am painting nature of England according to the seasons. Even adding the fragments of Indian culture, from where I belong. Executing the feeling one perceive on looking at the surrounding, I paint through imagination and memory after a visit to that place and studied it carefully. Often they are based on poems I write.

My paintings shows the dream,

“Where the beauty has extended its branches to infinite,
From where I could see the whole world at once,
where Art is Elegant and the truth is beauty”
(extract from my poem ‘Wings’)

Now, looking forward to join the Art residency, exhibition and teaching art in UK. I will continue to explore new places in UK, Europe, India and many other places to find the aesthetics for my painting and poetry.

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